Why was my card declined?

A transaction can be declined for numerous reasons. Some of the most common reasons are entering the credit card information (number, expiration or AVS code) incorrectly, entering the wrong billing address or not having enough funds in the account.

If your card is declined please try the following:

  • Re-enter the credit card information
  • Check your billing address, if it is different from your shipping address please update it.
  • Try a different card.
  • If the same card is declined multiple times please contact the issuing bank to confirm the billing address entered is exactly as it appears on your card statement.

Please Note: Each transaction attempt that is declined could put a pending transaction on your account. These are pending holds your bank places on your account, they are not charges from us. They will be released by your bank in 2-5 business days. You may want to consult your bank before attempting another order.