What is the status of my order?

For your convenience, we have created a page where you can check your order status online.  If you know your 9-digit order number and the email address submitted at the point of sale, you can check the current status of your order here.

The online status of your order will be categorized as one of the following:

Processing New orders are submitted with a status of "Processing."  This status means that the order has been received and will soon be prepared for fulfillment.  
On Hold Sometimes an order needs special attention from a support agent.  In these situations, the order is placed on hold. This usually means that a member of our Customer Support Team is waiting to hear back from a customer before completing an order modification (i.e. order cancellation, address change, etc..).

If the status of your order is "On Hold," please contact our Customer Support Team to resolve any pending issues.
Transmitted Items ordered from CellularOutfitter.com are shipped from drop-ship vendors or from our own off-site warehouse.  An order with a status of "transmitted" has been submitted for fulfillment.  Most orders placed through CellularOutffitter.com are shipped within 24 hours, but some orders can take up to 3 business days for fulfillment.  

Once an order has been transmitted, you can expect to receive a shipment confirmation with a tracking number within a few days.
Backordered While we do out best to maintain accurate online inventory, sometimes items are sold faster than they can be updates.  A "Backordered" status means that one or more of the items on your order are not currently available.  

For backordered orders, please contact our Customer Support Team.   
Shipped A "Shipped" status means that one or more items from your order have shipped.  The results of your online order status request should display at least one tracking number.  
Complete Shipped orders are automatically updated to "Complete" after the charge has been finalized and the funds have been captured.  
Closed An order with a "Closed" status is an order that has been refunded in full.  

Depending on the policies of your financial institution, refunds can take up to 5 business days to post to your account.