Why did I only receive part of my order?

In some situations, orders are shipped in multiple shipments.  Here are some of the most common:

Orders that contain drop-ship items

Some of the items sold at CelluarOutfitter.com are sold as drop-ship items.  This means that the items are listed on the Cellular Outfitter website and the sale is completed by Cellular Outfitter, but the items are shipped from an affiliate vendor.  There's an easy way to check if your order contains a drop-ship item: the SKU number (listed on your order confirmation) begins with "DS" for all drop-ship items.

In the event that an order contains drop-ship items, we transmit the order to the affiliate vendor for fulfillment.  Our affiliate vendor will ship the items directly to you.

Orders that have back-ordered items

Sometimes items sell faster than our website can update the inventory.  This leads to back-ordered items.  

In most cases, we will ship the available items and ship the back-ordered items in a separate shipment.

For orders that are shipped in more than one shipment, you should receive a separate shipment notification (with the corresponding tracking number) for each package.  

Your online order status will also show a tracking number for each of the packages.  

For more information on checking your online order status, check out this article.